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Vampire: the Eternal Struggle

Vampire: the Eternal Struggle

Czech community of Vampire: the Eternal Struggle CCG players

Vampire: the Eternal Struggle is a collectible card game designed by Richard Garfield in 1994. Unlike other card games, it is primarily designed for multiple players, ideally five or four. The game takes place in the World of Darkness ( World of Darkness) and is based on the Vampire: the Masquerade RPG.

  1. How to start?

    Cities with an active player base have a local coordinator, called the Prince. Follow the link below to discover the list of Princes in the Czech Republic. A local Prince will happily connect you with the local community and point you to the nearest playgroup, if there is one. The Czech community is active on Discord. There is also a Facebook group, but most activity happens on Discord.

    Discord server   Princes in Czechia   FB group

    To try out VtES, start with the New Blood decks. These are simplified, smaller decks playable designed to introduce new players to the game and showcase the game mechanics. After that, you can move on to the full-fledged preconstructed starter decks. You can buy these products in you local game store or online. Many Czech players use the Polish or the Black Chantry webshop. (PL)   Black Chantry Shop (UK/DK)

  2. Tournaments

    Czech national championship, called "Pulled Fang", is traditionally held between August and September.

    Local princes organize individual tournaments of the "Road to Pulled Fang" throughout the year. The top players of the series play a special finals held at the Pulled Fang tournament:

    • Jihlava: November 4th 2023 (results)
    • Praha: January 14th 2024 (results)
    • Ostrava: March 2024 (cancelled)
    • Lichnov: March 23rd 2024 (results)
    • Hradec Králové: April 27th 2024 (info)
    • Brno: June 15th 2024 (info)

  3. Resources

    V:EKN (Vampire: Elder Kindred Network): player organization that sanctions organized play. You can find there the rulebook, tournament calendar or a discussion forum.

    VDB: deckbuilding tool and card database

    VtES Discord server: official V:EKN Discord server

    Black Chantry: current VtES publisher